To be successful as an internet currency, Bitcoin must be ‚intuitive‘, says Jack Dorsey

Making Bitcoin Intuitive – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has long been known to be a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC). In a recent interview, he reiterates his enthusiasm for the potential of Bitcoin, while pointing out some areas for improvement to optimize it.

Bitcoin, the future internet currency?

In an interview with Reuters on September 10, Jack Dorsey again explained that, for him, Bitcoin will have a huge role to play in the economy of tomorrow.

The founder of Twitter and Square explains:

“I think the internet needs to have its own currency (…). And I believe bitcoin is probably the best embodiment of that so far. “

This statement therefore joins one made a little over a year ago, where Jack Dorsey optimistically considered that Bitcoin Profit platform was perhaps the „only opportunity to align all communities and countries in the world“ .

Improvements to be expected for Bitcoin’s success

The businessman is not blissful, however, and recognizes that efforts still need to be made so that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention becomes the global currency of the internet.

The first of the 2 main areas of improvement for Bitcoin that Jack Dorsey sees concerns firstly the costs and transaction times :

“It’s about making Bitcoin inexpensive and time efficient [for validating transactions]. “

The CEO of Twitter then insists on the fact that the use of Bitcoin must be as simple as possible to be widely adopted :

“[The use of bitcoin] has to be intuitive for people. They need to understand why they could use them, understand where these BTCs are located (on a decentralized blockchain) and can use it just like for cash exchanges (without intermediaries). „

This is rather good since Jack Dorsey recalls that the CashApp application of his company Square is precisely intended to „make bitcoins easy to access, easy to understand and above all to use“ .

The open source aspect of the Bitcoin project as well as its community is a great hope for the billionaire as part of his rise as a global currency. Bitcoin’s decentralization and its openness to everyone are its greatest strengths.