Coinbase Apologizes After PEPE Fans Mass Report to SEC

• PEPE fans mass reported Coinbase to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, resulting in an apology from the exchange.
• The coordinated attack on Coinbase and its CEO Brian Armstrong occurred after the exchange labeled Pepe The Frog a „hate symbol“ linked to far-right extremist movements.
• $PEPE token sank 32% in a day, dropping out of the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Labels Pepe The Frog as ‚Hate Symbol‘

Coinbase recently labeled Pepe The Frog as a “hate symbol” that allegedly represents far-right extremist movements, linked to racist, sexist, and homophobic cults. This perspective infuriated $PEPE holders on Twitter, leading them to organize a coordinated attack against Brian Armstrong – Coinbase’s CEO.

Mass Reports Lead To Apology From Coinbase

The PEPE community repeatedly demanded Coinbase’s CEO to list the memecoin and mass reports were sent to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In response, Coinbase’s top lawyer issued an apology on Twitter regarding their labeling of PEPE as a hate symbol.

PEPE Token Sinks 32%

As a result of this scandal, PEPE token sank 32% in a day, dropping out of TOP 50 cryptocurrencies according to CoinGecko. Furthermore, Crypto Twitter was marked with trending hashtags such as #DELETECOINBASE and #LISTPEPE demanding that Coinbase list PEPE or delete themselves from crypto markets altogether.

Pepe’s Ultimatum: Delete Coinbase or List PEPE

$PEPE holders made it clear that they want their favorite cryptomemecoin listed on Coinbase or else the company will face immense backlash from the memecoin community. After numerous verbal threats and intense cyberbullying of Coinbase’s CEO, he agreed to apologize but still hasn’t listed PEPE yet.


In conclusion, given its popularity amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is likely that there will be an increased demand for Pepe coin in future due to its memetic value; however only time will tell whether or not it is actually listed by one of the larger exchanges like Coinbase